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Translating websites is a rewarding investment.

Translation of your website is the most cost-effective way to reach foreign markets these days. English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world and while it is read and understood by many people, cultural differences can lead to misunderstandings and distortion of your message. A Professional translation is a critical step in accurately presenting your brand internationally.

Bangkok Translation Service offers flexible solutions for translating your web pages and web content into the languages you need.

Multilingual SEO across all your targeted markets.

Does the idea of people searching for and finding your business on the Internet in their own language appeal to you?

Expand your company into the global marketplace and start doing business throughout Asia.  The importance of multilingual translation for search engine optimization cannot be overlooked by any company looking to target new markets in different languages. Our SEO translation service is designed to give your website search engine visibility so that you can be found more easily by potential customers. At Bangkok Translation Service, we work with skilled and experienced translators to provide you with high quality multilingual SEO translations.

Apart from the visible content of your website such as articles, promotional pages and product pages, we will help you translate meta tags and image descriptions. Accurate translation and localization of content for SEO is essential to ensure the best possible visibility of your site on Google, which will result in higher traffic to your site’s pages and, ultimately, greater user confidence.

Partial or complete translation of your website.

When it comes to reaching a wider international audience, companies understand that they need to translate their website. But it is not always appropriate to translate a website in its entirety. In addition to a full translation, Bangkok Translation Service can also provide partial translations of your site’s key components. We tailor our services to the specific needs of your company.

We can support all types of content and formats.

Often, our clients decide to send us the content of their site in Word format. This is the format we prefer to use for receiving localization files. It is also the cheapest. However, it may take longer to integrate the content into your site. Before launching a project, we will discuss these aspects with you so that all parties are in agreement.

We can translate websites using a variety of other formats, such as XML and HTML but also Json and po (portable object) files. For the convenience of our clients, we can also integrate content into your preferred CMS such as WordPress or translate exported files in the format of your choice. Alternatively, we can set up a WordPress plugin that handles the translations. This way, you can receive the translated text directly into the back-end of your content management system, reducing the work required to incorporate the translated content into your site. 

Consult with us, and together we will find the best solution for your portfolio and internal processes.

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Accurate, website application products translations.


Clients who trust our services

Claus Boman
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Finally we found a translator company who actually knows what they doing. They did handle our translations well and although we had 50+ documents, the logistic, file naming and feedback was excellent.
Ping-Hsien Lin
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Made an online order to translate Chinese documents into English. Impressive and professional service!
Robert S.
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Professional and efficient. I have used their services based on an online recommendation and was not disappointed. Communication was excellent, response times were speedy, and the work was professionally presented, and with a fair price. Highly recommended.
Dan H.
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The expansion of our company into Thailand began in August of this year. Since then Bangkok Translation Services have worked on translating multiple documents including: business proposals, video ad scripts, technical data sheets and emails (English - Vietnamese). I cannot recommend them highly enough.

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