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Why do you need multilingual DTP?

Desktop publishing, commonly abbreviated to DTP (Desktop Publishing), is all the computer processes used to produce documents for printing. The quality of the communication necessarily involves a graphic phase, often complementary to a translation.

Launching products and services internationally.

The launch of a product on the international market often requires the localization of accompanying documents such as user manuals and technical specifications. The localization process generally goes beyond the simple translation of a text; often the material must be fully adapted to the local market. This adaptation includes, among other things, illustrations, tables/graphs and the creation of screenshots to illustrate how the system works in the target language. The volume of translated content often increases significantly during the localization process and is then much larger than in the original language. To compensate for the consequences of this difference, the foreign-language sentence must be adapted accordingly.

Our multilingual DTP service.

Our localization specialists have in-depth knowledge of multilingual DTP for the creation of a wide range of documents in multiple languages. We are able to work with virtually any application, including (but not limited to) Word, PowerPoint, InDesign, and Illustrator.

We can adapt the documents according to your needs, respecting the intention of the original medium, taking care to apply the standards of the target language (line breaks, fonts, reading direction, format, etc.).

Our professional graphic designers and translators all work in their native language, guaranteeing you a quality product, ready for publication.


Clients who trust our services

Claus Boman
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Finally we found a translator company who actually knows what they doing. They did handle our translations well and although we had 50+ documents, the logistic, file naming and feedback was excellent.
Ping-Hsien Lin
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Made an online order to translate Chinese documents into English. Impressive and professional service!
Robert S.
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Professional and efficient. I have used their services based on an online recommendation and was not disappointed. Communication was excellent, response times were speedy, and the work was professionally presented, and with a fair price. Highly recommended.
Dan H.
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The expansion of our company into Thailand began in August of this year. Since then Bangkok Translation Services have worked on translating multiple documents including: business proposals, video ad scripts, technical data sheets and emails (English - Vietnamese). I cannot recommend them highly enough.

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