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Bangkok Translation and Interpretation Service provides professional consecutive and simultaneous interpretation services to a wide range of public and private sector organizations and individuals. Our team includes interpreters in more than 15 languages. Our teams of interpreters are made up of certified professionals. They are courteous, respectful and discreet. Our interpreting service is available 365 days a year and can be requested on an urgent basis (additional charges apply for urgent requests).

Our interpreters are bound by a non-disclosure agreement. Recognized for our professional ethics and ability to provide quality services at competitive prices, BTIS is the exclusive service provider for many companies in Bangkok and Thailand.

Thanks to our network of over 200 interpreters and translators, we are able to meet all your requirements. Moreover, our interpreters can adapt to any context. Rest assured that we will be attentive to your needs.


Interpreter Services

Simultaneous interpreting is sometimes also referred to as conference interpreting.

In a simultaneous interpreting situation, the interpreter must listen to what is being said and translate it into the target language at the same time. Some argue that the terminology is actually inexact because an interpreter cannot translate a sentence until he or she actually knows more or less what is being said – thus it is never truly simultaneous. The purpose of simultaneous interpreting is to convey the exact language instead of paraphrasing it and is used especially for large meetings, conferences and trade fairs.
In simultaneous interpreting, the interpreter wears headphones and is seated in a booth. He or she speaks into a microphone that is connected to the headsets of the speakers of the target language. There is no time to think too much about the translations, so the interpreter has to make decisions on the spot. Any delay in translating can result in the misunderstanding of words or phrases, which can influence the message received by the target listener.

Consecutive interpretation is most likely what you need when you think of business interpreters.

Unlike simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting does not happen at the same time as the speaker of the source language is speaking. Instead, the interpreter says This type of interpretation is generally reserved for small business meetings and court hearings.
One of the key skills required of a consecutive interpreter is the ability to take notes. Since it is virtually impossible to memorize several minutes of a speech, note-taking is critical to relay the intended message.

Whisper interpretation is comparable to simultaneous interpretation, except for the fact that with this type of interpretation, the interpreter is not in a cabin with headphones, but sits next to the person or persons he is interpreting for. At the same time as the speaker of the source language is speaking, the interpreter speaks softly into the ear of the target speaker.

Chuchotage interpreting challenges the interpreter’s voice and is frequently used for business meetings where only one person needs interpretation or in court proceedings where one person does not speak the source language.

Accompanying and travel interpreters can almost be described as foreign-language assistants. They assist travellers, often professional and business-oriented people, during their travels and during meetings. In general, Escort/Travel Interpreters are not only in charge of travel interpretation, but also operate as cultural facilitators who help their clients to interact with the foreign culture.

We offer this type of interpretation in Bangkok as well as anywhere else in Thailand, where your business or research trip may take you.

This kind of interpreting service can be both consecutive and simultaneous. There is however one aspect that is constant: the interpreter is not physically present at the event, but translates over the phone. If the parties agree to hear only the interpreter’s voice and not that of the target speaker, Over the Phone Interpretation (OPI) can take place simultaneously. Else, the interpretation task will take place in a consecutive manner.

The level of accuracy of phone interpreting is often inferior to that of face-to-face interpreting sessions. This is due to the fact that interpreters performing OPI often cannot grasp extra-linguistic clues as to the meaning and context. Most telephone interpreting assignments are also conducted consecutively.

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Claus Boman
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Finally we found a translator company who actually knows what they doing. They did handle our translations well and although we had 50+ documents, the logistic, file naming and feedback was excellent.
Ping-Hsien Lin
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Made an online order to translate Chinese documents into English. Impressive and professional service!
Robert S.
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Professional and efficient. I have used their services based on an online recommendation and was not disappointed. Communication was excellent, response times were speedy, and the work was professionally presented, and with a fair price. Highly recommended.
Dan H.
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The expansion of our company into Thailand began in August of this year. Since then Bangkok Translation Services have worked on translating multiple documents including: business proposals, video ad scripts, technical data sheets and emails (English - Vietnamese). I cannot recommend them highly enough.

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